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Are you experiencing low levels of energy?

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Changes in hormone levels occur because of aging, illness and natural physiological processes such as menopause. When hormones, the body's natural chemicals that control organs and body processes, become unbalanced you can expierence multiple symptoms. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Are you experiencing low levels of energy?
  • Are you frequently sick?
  • Have you gained weight unexpectedly?
  • Do you struggle with a low sex drive?
  • Expierencing a loss of stamina or hormonal imbalance?

In addition to affecting energy levels, lowering sex drive and stamina, and causing weight gain, changes in hormone levels can also cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, changes to the metabolism, digestive problems, changes in appetite, hair thinning and hair loss.


If you are experiencing these symptoms and want to feel like yourself again, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Mark S. Foster, M.D., can help you live your best life by renewing your vitality with affordable, high-quality, preventative health services, comprehensive health and wellness care, treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair replacement, and hormone-balancing therapy.

Dr. Foster also offers adipose fat stem cell therapy through the Vitality Stem Cell Treatment Center. Adipose fat stem cell therapy is an ideal treatment for those individuals who cannot tolerate or do not respond to conventional medical treatments for a wide range of illnesses and health conditions.

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