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Hair Loss After Chemotherapy

Cytostatic drugs, the ones most often used in cancer treatment, are extremely aggressive when it comes to killing cells. While this is great for kicking cancer cells to the curb, they also harm healthy cells in the process. One of the biggest side effects of these treatments is the killing of the cells in hair follicles that help hair grow.

Not everyone loses their hair because of chemotherapy. Some find their hair becoming thinner and dull in appearance but may not experience total hair loss. It all depends on the treatment plan your doctor recommends based off your specific situation.

During Chemotherapy

If you're currently undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, there are a few things you can do to take care of your hair and scalp and try to minimize hair loss. The most important thing is to be gentle. Try not to wash it too often, and use a very mild shampoo. Avoid heat such as hair dryers and curling or straightening irons.

For most people, hair loss begins to occur within two to three weeks of beginning chemo treatments. It may be a gradual thinning or it could occur in large sections of hair loss all at once.

After Chemotherapy

One of the most common questions about hair loss from chemo treatments is: When will it start to grow back? This is different for everyone. Some find their hair growing back during treatments, others notice growth right after treatment ends, and others may not see any regrowth for a few months. Most people notice that the hair grows back a different texture and sometimes even a different color than before their treatment. This may be temporary in some cases, while others may find these changes are permanent.

Because so many changes occur during and after chemotherapy, it's recommended to wait at least a year before considering hair loss restoration. If you're unhappy with the way your hair comes back after chemotherapy, Dr. Foster can help. He has helped men and women regain their confidence and their youthful hairlines with FUE hair restoration.

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