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What Our Hair, Skin and Nails Are Trying to Tell Us

Our bodies use our hair, nails and skin to give us clues about our overall health. Check out what each of these signs could mean and how you can help identify when there is a problem.

What Your Hair Says About Your Health

A thick, shiny and soft head of hair is coveted by many because it's not only a sign of beauty, but also an underlying sign of health and vitality. So what does it mean when your hair has any of the following problems?

Graying: Gray hair can be attributed to genetics, age or even stress. If you've ever noticed the progression of grays in the hair of our presidents over the years, you can likely blame that on oxidative stress, which can affect pigment-producing cells.

Brittle Hair: If hair suddenly becomes brittle along with the appearance of high blood pressure, fatigue or back pain, Cushing's syndrome may be the culprit.

Dry and Thinning Hair: If hair suddenly becomes dry and begins to thin and you are also experiencing exhaustion, joint or muscle pain, and weight fluctuations, talk to Dr. Foster about having your hormones checked. Your thyroid could be causing these problems.

Hair Loss: If hair loss occurs suddenly, it could be due to an iron deficiency or hormone imbalance. If hair loss has occurred slowly over time, it could be genetic such as male or female pattern baldness or alopecia. Talk to Dr. Foster about FUE hair replacement solutions.

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Hang Nails and White Spots: These nail problems could be caused by low levels of calcium, zinc or other nutrients and minerals. It could also be due to a protein deficiency.

Blue or Yellow Nails: Color changes in nails could be caused by health conditions like hepatitis, psoriasis, or cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.

Brittle Nails: If your nails are especially brittle, you may have problems with your thyroid or kidneys, or you could be experiencing circulatory problems.

What Your Skin Says About Your Health

Acne: For adults, acne is commonly a sign of a hormone imbalance. However, liver problems and food allergies can also make skin prone to breakouts in adulthood.

Dry Skin: One common cause of dry skin is hypothyroidism, which is caused by issues with hormones. Dry skin can also be caused by an essential fatty acid deficiency and by dehydration if you aren't drinking enough water on a regular basis.

Rashes: Different rashes can signal different internal health problems. Eczema is often a sign of an allergy, commonly a food allergy, to be specific. In fact, several different rashes are signs of food allergies. But, hormone problems and overindulging in things like alcohol, drugs, sugar and even beauty products can cause your body to signal a problem is occurring via rash.

One common thread that appears in hair, skin and nail problems is hormones. The body's ability to balance its hormone production is an extremely delicate process that can be thrown off track very easily. Dr. Foster treats patients all over the nation, even by phone consult when they don't live in the area, and helps them overcome their hormone imbalances easily and quickly so they can get back to living their best lives. Find out more today by calling us at 760-670-3621.

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