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Is It Just Exhaustion or a Hormone Imbalance?

One of the most common complaints we get from patients coming in to see Dr. Foster is extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Many patients chalk it up to busy schedules and a hectic work, family and social life balancing act. But, how do you know when your exhaustion is just due to your busy lifestyle or when it could be due to a hormone imbalance?

When it comes to fatigue and exhaustion, here are a few common causes:

  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Hormone imbalance

To determine if a hormone imbalance may be to blame, consider if you have any of these other symptoms of a hormone issue.

Changes in Libido

It's common for both men and women to experience changes in sex drive when experiencing hormone imbalances. In addition, some women may find themselves struggling with dryness and possibly even pain during intercourse due to hormones.

Mood Swings and Trouble Concentrating

Hormones can greatly affect the chemicals in the brain responsible for mood regulation, memory and concentration. If you haven't felt like yourself lately and have been irritable, moody, forgetful or distracted, your brain fog may be due to a hormone imbalance.

Weight Gain or Loss

Sudden changes in weight can be caused by fluctuations in hormones. If men's bodies begin producing too much estrogen, they may start to gain weight, and if they stop producing as much testosterone, they may begin to lose weight. For women, low progesterone and high estrogen can lead to weight gain.

Hair Loss

In some cases, balding is just hereditary or not related to hormones. But, testosterone does aid in hair production, so for men, hair loss could be due to low testosterone. When it comes to hair loss in women, imbalances in the thyroid or with estrogen and testosterone could lead to hair loss.

Men and women alike have found relief from their exhaustion and other symptoms of hormone imbalances through Dr. Foster's bioidentical hormone treatment. Like the name implies, these hormones are chemically identical to the ones your body naturally produces. To find out more about hormone therapy or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster, call us today at 760-670-3621.

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