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November Is National What Month?!

It's an issue that doesn't get a lot of attention but affects 30 million men in the United States alone. Now, the month of November has been singled out as a time of support and awareness of a condition that many men find difficult to talk about, even with their partners or doctor: impotency.

It’s a common myth that erectile dysfunction is a normal part of aging. While it’s true that it is most common later in life, it’s almost always caused by a health problem that can be remedied. For some, hormone level changes are the cause, while others may be suffering from heart disease, hypertension or diabetes that could be linked to ED. 

Many medications can also cause ED as a side effect, and as you age you may find yourself on more medications than ever before. In fact, checking the side effects of the medications you are on is a great first step in discovering the source of your ED. If you find out one or more of them could be the cause, talk to your doctor about switching to other medications without this side effect.

Lifestyle factors can also be the cause of ED. Stress, anxiety and depression have been shown to directly affect sexual health in many ways, including the ability to get and maintain an erection. Smoking, drinking excessively and even weight gain can all contribute to symptoms of ED as well.

There are several treatment options for men who are suffering from this condition. It’s important to find out the source of the symptoms before beginning treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Foster has found that, for most men, hormone therapy focused on testosterone levels solves the problem. For those who don’t see results with hormone therapy, oral medications or injectable treatments could be a viable solution as well. Dr. Foster has never seen a patient for ED that he has not been able to successfully treat. 

To find out how he can help you, call to schedule an in-person or phone consultation at 442-227-0708.

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