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Stress Hurts, and Not Just Mentally

If you’ve ever found yourself in a stressful situation - and chances are you have at some point in your life - you may have noticed some surprising physical symptoms, such as sweaty palms or a sick feeling in your stomach. This is because stress doesn’t just affect us mentally or emotionally - it also affects us physically.

Acne and Skin Issues

It’s true, stress does trigger acne in some people. It can also trigger psoriasis and other skin issues.

Weight Fluctuations

There are several ways stress can interfere with weight gain, weight loss and appetite. Everyone is affected differently by stress, but one of the most common concerns with stress is fluctuation of weight caused by emotional responses like overeating or even overeating caused by an imbalance of the stress hormone cortisol.

Hair Loss

Stress and anxiety have not been found to turn hair gray, contrary to popular misconceptions, but they have been shown to contribute to hair loss in both men and women.

Heart Conditions

Stress, especially chronic or extreme sudden stress, can actually weaken the heart, a condition called cardiomyopathy, or even cause a heart attack.

Sleep Disturbances

Stress can cause hyperarousal, which makes it hard to sleep or even feel sleepy in some cases. It can also lead to insomnia or other sleep-related disorders.

Memory and Information Retention

Believe it or not, stress can actually interfere with your ability to recall information, even when it comes to basic things such as where you set down your keys last. Stress-causing hormones can interfere with the chemicals in the brain that control communication between the memory-recording parts of the brain.

If you’re experiencing things like hair loss or hormonal imbalances that could be linked to stress, Dr. Foster can help. He helps those who have mild to severe hair loss get a full head of hair back with FUE hair replacement treatments. He also helps those with hormone imbalances find relief through bio identical hormone therapy.

Call today to schedule a consultation, no matter where you live. Dr. Foster has helped many patients across the country through phone consults and those in the local area through in-office consults. Call us now at 442-227-0617.


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