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3 Awesome Benefits of Hair Transplantation

There are several ways by which people tackle hair loss. For many people, once they do a bit of research, they discover that hair transplantation seems like the best among all the options – and for good reasons. Find out why in this blog from Dr. Mark Foster.

1. Results Are Permanent and Enduring

Because the hair from your hair-restoration procedure is immune to the hormone dihydrotestosterone and its destructive tendencies, you get to enjoy hair that never thins and stays right where it should for long periods of time. DHT is believed to cause the miniaturization of hair follicles, which may contribute to male-pattern hair loss. 

Once the hair-replacement procedure has been performed, physicians normally prescribe Propecia or Minodixil-based therapies to preserve scalp areas vulnerable to the effects of DHT.

The permanence of the results from your hair-transplantation procedure will be the single biggest advantage when you compare this procedure to other short-term solutions.

2. Your Hair Will Have an All-Natural Look

Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, hair transplant is preferred by many expert physicians, as well as their patients, for its flawless and natural appearance.

The hairline takes on a smooth look that is in every way similar to the original hairline. It’s a completely natural appearance that will hardly seem noticeable even to the most discerning eyes.

Since it's your real hair, it will look natural because it IS natural! The hair is taken from your "donor area" - that place slightly above the back of the neck where everyone has hair regardless of the level of their receding hairline or any thinning occurring on top. Hair follicles are taken from this healthy area and diligently transplanted to the areas in need. There, they are perfectly able to recreate your natural hair line and growth pattern.

3. Hair Transplantation Is Simple

In the past, hair transplantation was a complex procedure. But FUE hair transplantation has evolved over the years to become a simple and effective way to restore hair.

With a skilled physician who is extremely experienced and familiar with this hair replacement and restoration procedure, it may only take a few hours to undergo the process.

Need more information about FUE hair transplant or similar topics? We’ll be more than happy to schedule a consultation in person or over the phone. Call us today at 442-227-0879.


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