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Golfing with Arthritis

For most men who golf, their love of the game only deepens with age. So when arthritis hits hard, it can be frustrating. There's no reason you have to stop playing anymore due to joint pain. Not only are there several product lines available for just this problem, but there are also some tips and tricks you can implement into your game to help you play and feel better. If all else fails, stem cell therapy for joint pain has helped many of Dr. Foster's patients get their game back to being pain-free.

Get a Grip

Did you know that many golf grip manufacturers actually make grips specifically designed for those with joint pain in their fingers, hands, wrists and elbows? Not only do they help you get a better grip on the club, but they can also help you control your swing better. A good grip can make a huge difference.

Use Graphite Shafts

Experts agree that when deciding between graphite and steel shafts, graphite is the clear winner for helping those with arthritis play their best game. Not only is graphite lighter, but some believe graphite shafts can also help the ball travel further with less effort compared to steel.

Strategize Your Swing

When you think of strategy you may be thinking of it in terms that are too broad. There are ways to strategize your swing to help minimize the impact on joints and keep you feeling your best. While many golfers focus on toeing their left foot out 20 to 30 degrees, you can actually toe both feet out at that angle to help with your hips and back. Concentrating on the width of your swing instead of the length can also help players with arthritis.

If your arthritis is making your golf game painful and frustrating, Dr. Foster can help. Stem cell therapy uses stem cells from your own body fat to help your body's natural healing process. The procedure is easy and quick and has helped many of Dr. Foster's patients rediscover their love for golf after years of painful playing and frustrated days on the green.

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