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Why Women Still Need Testosterone

It may come as a surprise, but normal functioning ovaries still produce testosterone along with estrogen. Most people think of testosterone as just the male sex hormone, but just like estrogen, its function goes far beyond reproductive and sexual purposes in the body.

Hormones generally regulate our body activities when it come to cells, tissues and organs. Although estrogen is more commonly known for its role in the development of breasts and the female reproductive organs, it also plays vital roles in other functions such as mood, sleep, libido and memory, as well as learning and attention span. It can also impact bone mass, skin elasticity, blood vessel dilation and our perception of pain.

Women Also Produce Testosterone

Most people are surprised to learn that women do in fact produce testosterone. This testosterone plays a role in managing libido and sexual response. It helps with brain function and behavior, strengthens the ligaments, and helps build bone and muscle, among functions. Like estrogen, this hormone also regulates sleep and helps to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Men and Women Both Need Testosterone 

Both men and women need testosterone for optimal physical and mental health. Evidence points to a decrease in testosterone as a factor in the development of conditions such as weight gain, fatigue, loss of bone density and muscle definition, and loss of mental focus.

Drops in Estrogen Can Also Affect Testosterone Levels

For many women, the focus is solely on estrogen levels dropping during menopause. As it turns out, this change can also cause a drop in testosterone levels. Although this usually manifests as reduced libido, lower levels of testosterone can also have other effects that include lower blood flow and contracting blood vessels, higher risk of osteoporosis, and increased menopausal symptoms, among other things.

Hormone Therapy Can Help Balance Testosterone Deficit

Whether you’re looking to improve the level of your testosterone or get your body's other important hormones balanced to keep yourself functioning optimally and naturally, bioidentical hormone therapy can help. For more information, call us today at 442-227-0623.



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