Have Researchers Found the Fountain of Youth?

Have Researchers Found the Fountain of Youth?

For many people, aging feels like a runaway train that we can do nothing about. We might not feel in our hearts and souls that we have aged and continue to age, but our reflection in the mirror and the aches and pains in our bodies say otherwise. Men and women have even died on their quests for the fountain of youth or any way to stay young forever. Finally, researchers may have just discovered the medical field’s version of the fountain of youth in fat stem cells.

Fighting Aging with Fat

Before you run out and start eating the most fattening foods you can find in order to look younger, hear us out. The fat itself doesn’t help with aging, but what is found inside that fat could! Adipose stem cells are found in the body’s fat, especially around the abdomen and back. These stem cells can be used to repair tissue damage and even help treat skin from the inside out by helping form new, healthy skin cells. 

What Is Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

Adipose stem cell therapy is actually a lot less invasive than it sounds. Using liposuction, fat is removed from around the abdomen or back and then spun in a centrifuge to extract as many stem cells as possible. Then, the stem cells are injected into the area of injury or treatment and begin working to regenerate and repair cells right away. The procedure is all outpatient, meaning you can return home the same day.

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