This Star Found a Way to a Pain-Free Golf Swing

This Star Found a Way to a Pain-Free Golf Swing

At 78 years old, retired pro golfing celebrity Jack Nicklaus, also known as the Golden Bear, is still in the game. But over the years he has had to withdraw from a number of tournaments due to back pain problems. He’s told sources over the years that he’s tried almost every treatment available to alleviate his pain and stay in the game, including surgical options with long, painful recoveries. But nothing seemed to work, at least not long term. That is, until he learned about stem cell therapy using adipose stem cells found in abdominal fat.

In the treatment process, adipose stem cells are removed from the patient’s own abdominal fat using liposuction. The retrieved cells are then optimized for treatment and injected into the "problem area." Experts believe this works because the stem cells begin to work immediately to repair injured cells and restore the health and function of the damaged area. These stem cells are unspecified cells with the ability to develop into specialized cells, tissues and organs. In fact, when cells are damaged, they send out signals to any nearby stem cells lying dormant that they are in need of their help to heal and regenerate. One of the best parts of this treatment compared to others for the same ailments is that it is quick and is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can return home the same day.

In an interview, Nicklaus stated that the procedure was so successful he can stand for as long as he wants now and is golfing free of pain. He also says he will pursue stem cell therapy on his rotator cuff soon as he is now a firm believer in the use of stem cells to treat injuries.

For more information on stem cell therapy or to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone consultation with Dr. Foster about how stem cells can help you, call us today at 442-227-0708.

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