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Why Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Creams Work Best

The benefits of natural, or bio identical, hormone therapy are impressive, and over the years there have been several methods developed to deliver the hormones our bodies desperately need to stay balanced. These include hormone creams, pills, pellets and patches. Deciding on which delivery method is best for you can be a confusing part of hormone therapy for some, but Dr. Foster believes creams work best.

This is because when hormones are delivered in pill form they must go through the digestive process, and much of the quality and composition is lost when it goes through the liver. Not only do creams require lower dosages to be effective, but they also bypass the liver and enter directly into the body through the skin. They're easy to apply and are rubbed onto the skin just like lotion.

There are many types of hormone creams depending on the type of hormone that needs replenishment in the body. Estrogen cream combines estriol and estradiol and helps with symptoms of menopause. It can help lower the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. Progesterone cream helps improve sleep quality and cardiac health and protects the uterus while preventing estrogen dominance. Testosterone creams can be helpful for some women even though it is most commonly thought of as a male hormone. It plays a role in the libido, energy and strength of women as well as men.

To find out more about bio identical hormone therapy or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster, the vitality doctor, call us today at 760-670-3621.

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