Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

You Do Not Have to Live With Erectile Dysfunction

Having a healthy sex life is vital to many people, and when erectile dysfunction gets in the way of getting close with your partner, feelings of embarrassment, stress and frustration can arise – both in and out of the bedroom.

Over 6.2 million men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction each year. Many of those diagnosed are over the age of 60, but erectile dysfunction can strike at any age.

In many cases, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be attributed to changes in hormone levels that happen as a natural consequence of aging. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include physical injury and the use of certain medications such as beta-blockers, chemotherapy and cancer treatment drugs and anti-depressants.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction is a side effect of health conditions like high blood pressure, neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, high cholesterol and peripheral artery disease (PAD) and diabetes.

Physiological factors such as stress, anxiety and fatigue are also associated with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.  

Conventional treatments for erectile dysfunction include erection-inducing prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis, injectable steroids, penile implants and penis pumps, all treatments that come with significant cost, risk and recovery time. Many treatments for erectile dysfunction leave patients with temporary results, which can lead to more frustration and stress and more erectile dysfunction.

Using a cost-effective combination of therapies including bio-identical testosterone therapy, medication, dietary supplements and lifestyle modification, Dr. Foster can safely significantly improve your ability to obtain and maintain an erection and return you to intimacy and satisfying sex.

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction? You don’t have to live with it. Call Dr. Foster today for a consultation and personalized treatment plan.

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